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Martins hits back in 7th S.D. exchange

Here's Jack Martins' latest shot in the 7th SD campaign:

“It’s laughable to say Craig Johnson makes tough decisions.   Taxing your way out of every problem is not a tough decision; it’s the easy way out.  Tough would be telling the party bosses in Albany to do more with less like the rest of us are doing. 

 "Judging by his statement it’s clear that incumbent Johnson is going to rely heavily on the pork he hands out in our communities to buy this race.  Even The Daily News called him the “porkiest pig” in Albany.   But he’ll eventually have to defend his record.  He can’t hide the billions in new taxes and spending while underfunding our schools, taking our STAR rebate checks away, and an MTA payroll tax.  All the clever “statements” in the world can’t protect him from his record.     

"I look forward to a spirited debate if only to finally hold Johnson accountable to the citizens of our towns and villages.  Unfortunately for the incumbent, what happens in Albany doesn’t stay in Albany.  Our voters are watching him very closely, especially now at budget time.  They want to see precisely what these tough decisions are.”   

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