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When state Democrats convene in Suffolk this week for their convention, delegates will consider a resolution spearheaded by Nassau Democratic chairman Jay Jacobs calling on Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to reject taking the Independence ballot line in November.

The resolution, put forward by 15 state committee members, many of them from Nassau, says the minor party embodies the “corrupt ethos of ‘pay to play,' ” confuses unaffiliated voters with the party’s name and was criticized by the governor’s own Moreland Commission for campaign finance improprieties in 2012.

Jacobs also sent a seven-page packet of material to the committee members including newspaper articles critical of the minor party. Jacobs in recent months has clashed with state and Suffolk Independence Party chairman Frank MacKay, but attempts to reach MacKay were unsuccessful.

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Jacobs, a former state leader himself, said it is unclear whether the resolution will be aired in debate or tabled without discussion. “Even if it's tabled, there will be plenty of discussion in the halls,” he said.

The Nassau party leader said the move is part of a “long-term strategy” and he believes the measure has support among many party activists. He also emphasized the resolution is “not aimed at embarrassing the governor.”

Unlike some convention resolutions aimed at forcing officials to take a public policy stance, Jacobs said, “This is a political issue and has a direct effect on all the people who run on the Democratic party line.”