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While the Nassau Republican organization won most of its races Tuesday, it lost one post to GOP maverick Martin Dekom, who has been a thorn in side of Chairman Joseph Mondello.

Dekom was elected a Republican committeeman from North Hempstead, though his wife and friends lost their bids for similar posts, according to preliminary election results.

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Dekom has battled Mondello, the county committee and the North Hempstead GOP committee for years, complaining about high salaries paid to the chairman and other party workers. He also lambasted rigid convention rules that he says prohibit nominations from the floor. “The methods of the Nassau Republican Committee are more like those of the old Soviet Union,” he told Newsday last year.

“The party pulled out all the stops to defeat us,” a victorious Dekom said in an email Wednesday. “The Board of Elections disregarded blatant violations of Elections Law to permit our opponents to run ... It’s very Soviet.” He said the party “flyered the election districts, twice” and he accused GOP poll workers of keeping score for the party.

“Nevertheless, at least one of us made it through the dragnet,” Dekom said. “I intend to exercise my statutory rights of participation unfettered. If that doesn't happen, I will haul the  wrongdoers into court."

Anthony Santino, spokesman for Mondello and the Nassau committee, declined to comment.