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The day he was elected presiding officer of the Nassau County Legislature by his fellow Republicans, Peter Schmitt of Massapequa fired off an angry letter to the new county attorney, John Ciampoli.

The five-page letter on Jan. 4th said Democrats had improperly passed 18 items, including contracts for good and services, at their last meeting as the majority party, on Dec. 21st.

All those items, “should be immediately nullified and rejected by the County Executive,” Schmitt said, referring to new Republican CE Edward Mangano.
Here we are two months later, with a status report: nothing happened, not even a reply thanking Schmitt for taking the time to write.

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Spokesman for Ciampoli and Mangano: “It’s still under review.”

Spokesman for Schmitt: “We’ve been kind of busy.”

Spokesman for Republican Comptroller George Maragos: most of the contracts have not been received yet, but the comptroller’s office has processed the settlement of a lawsuit that was approved by the legislature on Dec. 21st.

Schmitt did not seem to take the lack of a reply personally. He greeted Ciampoli warmly on March 1st when Ciampoli’s nomination as county attorney was approved by the Rules Committee, and never broached the topic. (The Ciampoli nomination goes to the full legislature Monday.)

Schmitt didn’t bother Ciampoli with any questions about his federal tax liens, and noted that Ciampoli, from upstate Columbia County, has established a residence in Franklin Square.

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“I see you are residing on Catherine Avenue in Franklin Square ... old stomping grounds of mine,” Schmitt said. “I grew up there. As a matter of fact I used to deliver newspapers in that area, unfortunately it was Newsday, but nonetheless I delivered it.”