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Nassau’s Green Party is planning on writing in their own party’s candidates for four county legislative districts in Tuesday’s primary “in response to aggressive Democratic and Republican attempts to steal Green Party ballot lines in the upcoming elections,” chairman Jim Brown says.

In a news release, Brown said four registered Green party members “have stepped forward to run in order to protect our hard-won ballot line and preserve the integrity of our party.”

Brown said the Green party candidates are Mark Leder in the 10th district, now represented by Democrat Judi Bosworth, who is not running for re-election; Stephen Sloane in the 11th District, now represented by Republican Michael Venditto; Dennis Francis, in the 13th District, now represented by Republican Norma Gonsalves, who is the legislature’s presiding officer; and Rebecca Sease, in the 18th District, which does not have an incumbent because of redistricting.

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Staff members of County Executive Edward Mangano, a Republican running for re-election this fall, had collected signatures to run Phillipp Negron, stepson of the chairman of Nassau’s Industrial Development Agency, as the Green Party candidate for county executive this fall. The idea apparently was to siphon votes from the Democratic candidate. Former County Executive Thomas Suozzi and businessman Adam Haber are vying for the Democratic nomination Tuesday.

Negron was knocked off the ballot after his petitions were challenged, but Democrats then successfully circulated Opportunity to Ballot petitions for other races. Only Green party members can vote in the primary but they can write in a candidate from any party, under opportunity to ballot rules.

Green said in his release that the party “opposes the practices of fusion and cross endorsements. Opportunity to Ballot ... is a practice that only serves to permit the interference of major well-financed political parties in the sovereignty and independence of smaller parties, such as the Green Party, organized around its own specific ideals.”