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Former Nassau County Comptroller Howard Weitzman blasted Comptroller George Maragos for failing to turn over public records that were requested from his office on June 24, pointing out that the Freedom of Information Act requires government agencies to turn over the vast majority of government documents requested by the public.

"What is George Maragos hiding? Apparently he believes he is above the law and can disregard the rules when they are inconvenient," Weitzman said in a news release.

But Maragos spokesman Jostyn Hernandez said: “This is similar to his prior stunts. Weitzman is once again being disingenuous and attempting to mislead the residents. The comptroller’s office never received any FOIL request from Mr. Weitzman. Our office answers every FOIL in a fully transparent manner.”

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According to Weitzman’s office, Sean Duffy, at the time an intern with the Nassau County Democratic Committee, emailed the request.

The request sought information about hiring practices, salary information, employee time records, the comptroller's public calendar and various email messages.

To date, the only records turned over are employee salary information and partial employee resumes, said Nick Benson, a Weitzman spokesman.

“All resume content was blacked out except the employee's name and educational background. All prior employment history, the most significant reason why government agencies collect and review resumes, was blacked out. Mr. Maragos's office stated, without appropriate legal justification, that  ’portions of the attached resumes containing … employment histories … is not relevant to the work performed by these employees.’"