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The following falls into the Dom Irrera School of Humor, in which you say something apparently critical about somebody, such as, “Your husband/wife is ugly,” and soften it by adding: “Now, I don’t mean that in a bad way.”

Here is Republican Nassau County Legis. Peter Schmitt at his inaugural as presiding officer on Monday, talking about  his relationship with Democrat Thomas Suozzi, during the past eight year, while Schmitt was minority leader:

“I would also like to thank our shy and retiring county executive, Tom Suozzi, for his service to the residents of Nassau County.

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“I will remember with fond memories our eight years of cooperation, camaraderie and mutual respect.

“The times I will treasure the most are the late afternoon meetings in his office when he and 10 or 12 of his closest aides would meet with me to explain why it was in our best interest and the Republican delegation’s best interests to support him, and do things his way.

“All kidding aside, although we often disagreed, and sometimes clashed, I always recognized his dedication to this county, and I am sure we will meet sometime in the future.”