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Pressed on how he could say last week that an Independence endorsement was "down the road" when he had already signed a certificate of consent and acceptance for it, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Tuesday, as previously reported:

“I had signed a batch of paperwork before I left the office because I was not going to be around the office. Part of that were the documents for the Independence Party. We then had to decide later on what we were actually going to do about the Independence Party.”

The question that left unanswered was which "office" he's talking about. His regional affairs director Cassie Prugh notarized the document in Suffolk, the second day of the Democratic convention there, with the boilerplate language that said Cuomo "personally appeared" before her that day.

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The document was filed with the Board of Elections on Friday in Albany.

One well-placed source said, "There was an office set up at the hotel that he had been working out of, and he signed a bunch of paperwork before he left" to go to Cooperstown to meet with President Barack Obama.

So for future glossary-makers: When the governor says something is "down the road" it might mean it has either already happened or will happen within a couple of hours. And when he says "the office" it might mean the place where he happens to be for the campaign that day.

Also, a "batch of paperwork" could include a highly-charged election document. And when he says he doesn't wish to run on a "mixed ticket," but only with Democrats, on the Independence line, it means in 2014 even if it was not the case in 2010 when he was the Independence candidate for governor and Republican Harry Wilson was the Independence candidate for comptroller.

Any more questions?