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On the eve of Election Day, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is weighing the option of allowing voters impacted by superstorm Sandy to cast provisional ballots at polling stations outside of their regular district, New York State Board of Elections Co-Chairman Doug Kellner said Monday.

“Governor Cuomo is considering such an action,” Kellner said. “There is a draft executive order that's been presented to him. … He's being very thoughtful about this, trying to consult as many people about this as possible.”

Kellner said he did not know when Cuomo would decide. The governor is slated to deliver an updated storm briefing at 5:15 p.m. Monday. The provisional-voting proposal is backed by some good-government groups.

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Under such a scenario, voters would sign affidavits that they are legally registered and vote wherever they can reach an open polling site.

But some critics point out that it would be very difficult to make sure voters, in such cases, would be voting in the appropriate state Senate and Assembly contests, as well as local elections and referenda.

Earlier, New Jersey said it would permit displaced voters to cast provisional ballots in polling stations outside of their regularly assigned site.

New Jersey also has said it will allow voting via e-mail. But New York has dismissed that idea.

“There are just too many security risks to the validity of the election,” Kellner said.