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Even if it works as satire, is the inflammatory political billboard of the day, bannered by the NY Post, even remotely reality-based?

Heh, try proving a negative. The goal was clearly to try to squeeze Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio's performance into the same frame of reality as that of the Republican Chris Christie administration in New Jersey in "Bridgegate" -- that is, punishing enemies -- "the one percent" -- by sabotaging services.

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But John Doherty, the sanitation commissioner who also worked for the Bloomberg and Giuliani administrations, has attributed plow delays on the Upper East Side to a technical foul-up and hard conditions combined with rush-hour crowding that had to clear before clearing could begin.

Evidence is always helpful in proving ill intent. In Bridgegate, it was the emails.

From Newsday's Matt Chayes, here was a genuinely sober report on the NYC snow situation.

Today as he shoveled his own front walk, the mayor said, per NY1:

“I think the city handled it very well. There’s always, look, there’s always going to be isolated incidents and there’s always going to be situations where the snow comes up rapidly, as it did for a few hours there, it really sped up and intensified, sadly right before the evening rush hour ... But the minute they had the streets clear -- in other words there was not traffic in the way -- sanitation did a remarkable job.”

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“I was out around Manhattan, looking what was going on, and I saw tremendous efforts by sanitation and the second they had a chance to have the freedom to do their work properly, they did an incredible job."

The Daily News also had a more balanced, clinical approach to what was being said, its story posted here.