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One of the more opaque episodes in tonight’s televised Democratic mayoral debate came when candidate Anthony Weiner suggested that an unreleased report from lawyers regarding the “slush fund” investigation of the City Council a few years ago. He said Council Speaker Christine Quinn should release this material so that the public would know what it paid for.

Interesting enough. Then Quinn said all information went to appropriate authorities -- which sounded kind of evasive.

Weiner went a bit further. He suggested that there were negative things about Public Advocate Bill de Blasio who had a leadership position in the Council — which oddly, given the circumstances, then led Quinn to admonish Weiner not to wrongly smear de Blasio.

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Though Weiner didn’t say it, it sounded as if he heard or surmised that Quinn was holding back damaging information about de Blasio that she might use if the two went head-to-head in a runoff -- which of course would be too late for Weiner to benefit if he doesn’t run first or second.

For now, the whole exchange leaves Weiner -- who as everyone knows has proven problems with the credibility of his public remarks -- looking kind of angry and cryptic, with de Blasio saying he had no idea what the ex-Congressman was talking about. More on this if and when it arises.