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Could you guess what his campaign tweets and mailings would look like?

Former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, who never really told the public about what went through his mind sending photos of his anatomy to strangers and then lying about it -- whether it was attributable to hyper-narcisissm, drugs, serious mental illness -- "may be considering" a 2013 mayoral run, or a run for public advocate, the Post states, quoting unnamed sources.

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Bear in mind the paper has also repeatedly hyped former Gov. Eliot Spitzer's mullings of an electoral comeback as well, which was undoubtedly true in some way, though it never materialized in the four years since Spitzer lost his post to extracurricular activities that were famously more old-school than Weiner's.

More factually, however, on Saturday the Post's always-credible Goldenberg and Seifman had the legitimate scoop that Weiner retains a $4.5 million warchest (click here) from previous campaigns. In 2009, the Democrat passed on trying to face billionaire incumbent Michael Bloomberg.

That's the factual core of what sent the speculation into slow-weekend overdrive.

Back on June 29 the disgraced ex-congressman declined to rule out a political return in an interview with WNYC (click here), which of course left the door open to this kind of trial balloon. From the WNYC summary of the interview on its website:

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The former pol remained mum about whether he’d return to politics but said he paid a “high price” after he confessed last June to sending lewd photos to women online.

“I still have regrets. I paid a very high price, but I’m still committed to the same things I was. And I have a 6-month old that I have to go and feed now.  … As I said when I resigned, I feel great regret for the people I let down,” he told WNYC.

Didn't sound three weeks ago like a guy ready to make a return, but who knows what lurks in the cybersphere....