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With pay raises in retreat mode in Nassau County government, attention now turns to the Town of Hempstead, where the Republican-run Town Board awarded itself pay raises the week before Christmas and the month after getting re-elected.

“The elected officials gave themselves a pay raise under the cover of darkness, and during the holiday season. This prevented community groups from organizing to fight back,” a group called Roll Back The Raises said in a statement before planned midday rally Tuesday outside Hempstead Town Hall.

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Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray and Clerk Mark Bonilla each got a $10,000 raise, and the six council members each got $4,500 raises. They last received increases in 2007, just after they were re-elected.

 Hempstead Town  Clerk Mark Bonilla (Photo by Howard Schnapp)
Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray (Newsday Photo / Karen Wiles Stabile)