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Nassau District Court Judge Robert Bruno of Wantagh will be inducted Thursday as a justice of the state Supreme Court in Mineola.

And wherever you find a local judge, you’re likely to find a local political boss nearby. In this case, Nassau County Conservative Party Chairman Roger Bogsted will be the featured speaker for Bruno’s part in the ceremony.

Bruno jumped into the political spotlight in 2005 when Bogsted ran him on the Conservative line for county executive against incumbent Democrat Thomas Suozzi. The idea was that Bruno would siphon votes away from Republican candidate Gregory Peterson.

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Bogsted was Suozzi’s commissioner of consumer affairs at the time, and the presumption was that he doing his boss, Suozzi, a favor.

Suozzi won easily, and in May 2008 he appointed Bruno to a vacancy in District Court. Bruno won a 14-year term on the state Supreme Court in November, running on the Republican and Conservative lines.

Bogsted tried to repeat the 2005 trick in 2009, running Conservative Steven Hansen against Suozzi, but this time it wasn’t enough and Suozzi lost narrowly to Republican Edward Mangano. He would have lost by a wider margin if Hansen was not in the race.

Mangano has fired Bogsted and Hansen, who probably does not have an appointive judgeship in his future.