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Group praises Robert Trotta, Steve Flotteron for opposing Suffolk fees

Although Suffolk Republican legislators Robert Trotta and Steve Flotteron are not running for election this year, the Reclaim New York Initiative has sent out mailings touting them.

In the past week, mailings of about 7,000 pieces each were sent to Trotta's and Flotteron’s districts applauding their efforts for fighting what the group says are illegal county fees.

“It’s a standard thank you, citizens deserve to know who is looking out for them and who is not looking out for them,” said Jadan Horyn, spokesman for the nonpartisan, nonprofit group.

The group says Suffolk County has imposed more than $70 million in fees aimed at bringing additional revenue to balance the budget rather than to simply recover administrative costs of providing specific services as required by law.

In the mailing, Reclaim New York applauds the “courageous stand” of the GOP lawmakers and criticizes Democrats who imposed the fees.

“Lawmakers didn’t listen, They thought you wouldn’t notice,” said the group in its mailings.

A lawsuit challenging the fees has been filed against the county and Trotta has filed a bill  to repeal the fees.

Rick Brand

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