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Washington - Conservative Iowa Republican Steve King and Long Island’s Democratic Rep. Steve Israel are making waves with a Twitter fight over who supports the state of Israel more.

The spitting match between a congressman who believes the United States is a “Christian society” and a congressman whose own last name sums up his views on the country in question even included a King challenge to Israel’s manhood.

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No, this is not another satire penned by Steve Israel, author of “The Global War On Morris.”

But the tiff has been reported by the Washington Post’s Colby Itkowitz and Mediaite.

King fired the first salvo on Friday on Boston Herald Radio while talking about the four dozen or so Democrats who skipped the speech Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently gave to a joint session of Congress because he was invited by House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) without consulting the White House.

“I don’t understand how Jews in America can be Democrats first and Jewish second and support Israel along the line of just following their president,” King said.

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In response, Rep. Israel tweeted: “I don’t need Congressman Steve King questioning my religion or my politics. I demand an apology from him & repudiation from GOP. #dangerous.”

King tweeted back: “Real men make such requests face 2 face & man 2 man. I defend Israelis from Leftists & misogynists.”

Israel stayed on Twitter, replying: “Good to know @SteveKingIA has become a Talmudic scholar on what defines Jews. Steve, you really are mashugana. Look it up.”

To save King the trouble: It means a person who is nonsensical, silly or crazy.

Can’t wait until King and Israel bump into each other on Capitol Hill next week.

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