Spin Cycle

News, views and commentary on Long Island, state and national politics.

Mitt loves America, and we should give him a chance, says Ann Romney.

Rick Santorum makes his case why Obama needs to be voted out.

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Then you expect Gov. Christie to come out and shout, "How sweet it is!"

But we hear another sentimental, sanitized life story -- and also, a palpably decent and hard-headed message about choosing respect over love.

"Leadership delivers," he says.

This is how they do it, in both major parties.

Meanwhile, a New York GOP guest says it was if "we are all props in a three-day infomercial."

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But if the speeches are the essence of a foregone nomination, why is there so much running around?

With Santorum up on the screen, ex-Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his entourage whisk through the outer rim of the convention hall.

Rep. Bob Turner chats with a group in the hallway.

Earlier, at Steinbrenner Field, formerly Legend Field, billionaire industrialist David Koch of the NY delegation comes through -- with a bigger entourage -- headed for an elevator while others in the delegation munch footlong hot dogs and take batting practice.

There is purpose, but many layers of purpose, in the air.