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Suffolk Community College president Shaun McKay said a college pickup truck with a snowplow cleared a small part of his unplowed street in front of his Manorville home in the aftermath of February’s blizzard, but maintains he never solicited the assistance.

He said he and his family had already cleared the driveway when a college truck was sent by the eastern campus plant director on Sunday, the day after the storm. He said the college plow cleared only five to eight feet from the edge of his driveway to the middle of his street.

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“This was an emergency situation and not something that would normally occur, due to the total breakdown of the town highway department,” said Mary Lou Araneo, a college vice president. “We did send a pickup truck with a plow so the president could leave his home and meet his obligations as president to lead the institution.”

McKay traveled later that day by car with college intergovernmental relations official Ben Zwirn to represent community colleges at a state meeting in Albany over the need to increase state aid.