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Jay Townsend calls Schumer the "cheerleader in chief of an imperial Congress that turns a deaf ear" to the people. He shouts: "Obviously Washington has a hearing problem."

"Retire Chuck Schumer! See if that blows the wax out of their ears!"

He blasts the health-care bill, "cap and tax" bill,  "new entitlements," ceding power to the Chinese. "Thanks to Sen. Schumer billions are dollars of capital" are exported. Townsend says he opposes expiration of (Bush) tax cuts. 

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Schumer's $22 million "does not intimidate me," he says.

All the fundraising means he's ignoring people or "selling out the state who sent him" to Washington.

"No one... is entitled to govern with absolute arrogance...or to ignore the heartfelt concerns of people." He lashes Schumer for saying people don't care about pork projects.

 "I am sickened by your silence about a president who treats Israel as an adversary and Iran as an ally."


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