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A good deed by a Kings Park Chamber of Commerce official caused Smithtown Councilman Edward Wehrheim a bit of embarrassment last week.

Wehrheim said he sent out mailings, as he does each year, for his annual BBQ held at the Watermill Inn Restaurant in Smithtown. When the executive vice-president of the Kings Park Chamber of Commerce, Dee Grasso, got the invitation, she sent out a mass e-mail to her members with a note that interested people could call the town board office for more information, according to Wehrheim.

That, of course, is a no-no. No politicking is allowed on government grounds.

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“She had no idea,” Wehrheim said, who added that Grasso profusely apologized to him for including the town board number on the blast e-mail.

Wehrheim said he figured out that the town board number was given out when an “unusual number of phone calls” came into the office asking about the fundraiser. He said he instructed the town board secretary to give his home number to the callers.

The matter was referred to the Smithtown Ethics Board, which will look into the matter, said Wehrheim, adding that he wasn’t worried because it was done in error.

The fundraiser brought in 400 people, one of the biggest crowds for the annual event, Wehrheim said, although it didn’t necessarily raise a lot of money. The raffles raised about $3,000 for the American Patriots Veteran Fund, which helps out veterans in need. Wehrheim is a Vietnam veteran.