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Among those on Suffolk’s list of 315 layoffs is the son of former Suffolk Public Works Commissioner Charles Bartha.

Bartha’s son, Charles, a $42,125 a year engineering aide, was one of several public works employees who testified at legislative committee last week about the department’s effort to restore nine jobs, where employees work on fulltime on state and federal aided propjects.

The elder Bartha, now associate partner of Sidney Bowne & Son, was commissioner for nine years, capping a 34 year career in the department. He left in 2006, two years before his son was hired.

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Jon Schneider , deputy county exexcutive, said the elder Bartha called him about but his son, but said saving the jobs is a long shot because of difficulties in tracking federal funding to specific work. He added delays in aid payment could add to cash crunch.

“I was in the commissioner office when we did layoffs,” said the elder Bartha. “The county’s going through some difficult times. I hope they find a way to keep as many people working as possible.”