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Outrage over pay raises for politicians brought them together, but the protesters who gathered outside Hempstead Town Hall on Tuesday agreed on little else.

“I’m not going to stand with them,” one woman said, pointing at two men from Rockville Centre — Bryan Korman and Richard Stamile — who were holding a sign reading: “Rockville Centre Tea Party. United We Stand.”

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Most of the protesters were Democrats, who wanted to lambaste the Republican-run leadership of the town.

But there were also community groups and the Tea Party people, giving organizer Bob Young a basis for calling it, “nonpartisan.”

After the event, organizer Derrick Donnelly of Merrick shook hands with the Tea Party duo, thanked them for coming and said of the woman: “There’s one in every crowd.”

Korman later said he understood, and in the interest of unity — at least for one day — he and Stamile had rolled up their Tea Party sign and put it on a ledge behind them before the protest began.

Demonstrators protest outside Hempstead Town Hall on Tuesday.  The event was organized by Bob Young, inset.  (Photos by Pablo Corradi)