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Suffolk GOP blasts irony of Nassau Dem 'pay-to-play' charge

The cross-border, cross-party battle over ethics and "pay to play" escalates.

State Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs, in tandem with his new executive director Charlie King, called new Republican Steve Levy a hypocrite for acting "holier than thou" yet practicing business-as-usual when it comes to raising campaign money from firms and people doing business with his county.

Today, Suffolk Chairman John LaValle essentially says Jacobs has a lot of nerve doing that when he was close for so long with Tom Suozzi, the former Nassau executive. And, he goes to what's bound to be one of the main courses being prepared in the political kitchen: What LaValle calsl "Andrew Cuomo's massive special interest war chest."

Here, in full, is LaValle's say, as relayed to us by Levy spokesman Josh Hills.



"I am dumbfounded at the attacks leveled against County Executive Steve Levy by Charlie King and State Democratic Boss Jay Jacobs yesterday. The irony is that Chairman Jacobs presided over one of the worst abusers in the history of “pay to play” during the Suozzi Administration. A simple review of his filings would prove this.


"Clearly this was a preemptive strike by the Democrat Bosses, as they aim to distract voters from Andrew Cuomo’s massive special interest war chest. The Democrats should be concerned, and it is my hope that Chairman Jacobs holds his candidates to the same standards with which he attacks. One can only assume that this maneuver will end metaphorically . . . . “live by the sword, die by the sword”.


"There will be tremendous scrutiny upon the contributions accepted by the Attorney General. The public will be astonished at the amount of money collected from the very industries that Mr. Cuomo regulates. I am certain that in the spirit of ethics and command of hired moral ground, Democrat Boss Jacobs will demand that Mr. Cuomo return all of the conflicting contributions that he has amassed to date. I look forward to that press conference and would be glad to join him, if invited!"


"Clearly the Democrats are petrified of a Levy candidacy because he is the only candidate with the ability to beat Andrew Cuomo – and that is why they attacked him yesterday."


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