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When Suffolk Legis. Tom Barraga (R-West Islip) winds up for a monologue during legislative meetings, everyone takes note. Yesterday Barraga went off Tuesday about Levy's proposal to purchase the IRS building in Holbrook by presenting a hypothetical situation that concludes with him winding up with a twitchy eye and a limp.

For some context, Barraga last year blasted Levy proposals to institute a lag payroll on county employees by saying, of Levy: "You can sit there and take it or you can kick him in the testicles." (He previously, during a trans-fat hearing, discussed "the stomach-penis calibration of weight gain.")

And Barraga is a Levy ally!

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From the official transcript:

LEG. THOMAS BARRAGA: And I think ?? you know, and I say this objectively ?? I am concerned about waiving the Charter and piercing the debt cap. Piercing the debt cap. Now, let's say Tom Barraga is running for Governor of the State of New York and I'm out there and I'm saying, "You know, the State of New York is in really bad shape. A tremendous amount of dysfunction, fiscal turmoil. And you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to be advocating for a tax cap. I'm going to be advocating for a spending cap," yet back home here where I operate, I'm piercing the debt cap. What's wrong with that picture?


What's wrong with that picture? Would I want to get into a debate with somebody on that issue? Because by the time the debate is over, I'm walking out with a twitch in my left eye and a limp in my left leg.


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LEG VIVIAN VILORIA?FISHER: But it's only hypothetical, right, Tom?

LEG. WAYNE HORSLEY: It's only hypothetical, right.

LEG. BARRAGA: So on the merits there are serious questions with reference to this; and on the politics, I think it's terrible. Thank you.