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On the shore at Robert Moses State Park the other day, Newsday’s Denise Bonilla was noting to a friend the scarcity of small airplanes towing advertising banners seen so frequently above other shorelines.

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“Not more than 10 minutes later,” she says, “a plane goes by with a message: ‘Steve Levy, Bad on Crime.’”

There was no ID on the banner, but the smart money was on the Suffolk police union, which has been at odds with the Suffolk executive for some time. Contacted for response, Levy through a spokesman cited flashpoints of recent years — including the transfer of sheriffs to highway patrol, as well as contract negotiations. Levy said: “The PBA has done banners and billboards for the last seven years, trying to intimidate me into backing off of my opposition to their leaders' outrageous perks, salaries and six-figure pensions.”