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The campaign of Democratic Nassau County Executive candidate Thomas Suozzi is questioning the honesty of his Republican opponent, County Executive Edward Mangano, in a new “Lie of the Day” email to supporters.

The campaign offensive, which began on Oct. 17, has attacked Mangano for his record on property taxes, reforming the assessment system and for accepting the same wage increase that he has criticized Suozzi for taking.

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“If Mangano believes the salary of the county executive is too high, then he is welcome to ask for a lesser salary,” Suozzi campaign spokesman Jeff Guillot said in an email on Tuesday.

Mangano campaign spokesman Brian Nevin responded: “Tom Suozzi's entire campaign has been one of lies and covers ups. Tom Suozzi spent his career hiking property taxes and looking to nickel and dime residents so that he could feed his out of control appetite for government spending - including the need to give himself a $65,000 pay raise.”