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Reflecting some of the static he's received in the Democratic primary for county executive, Thomas Suozzi is targeted as "Tom the Tip Taker" on this new site, where he's been accused of siding with money against workers.

From Adam Haber, his challenger:

In his role at the law firm Harris Beach Tom Suozzi has been actively choosing to represent catering businesses that are attempting to deny workers their wages. To highlight Suozzi’s continuing role denying workers their wages TomTheTipTaker.com was launched today to track the number of days since Suozzi has failed to make amends with Nassau’s working families.

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“TomTheTipTaker.com is a tool to keep the public informed on Suozzi’s activities since his failed re-election bid in 2009 and to track how long it’s been since Adam requested that Suozzi take four simple steps to help Nassau’s working families,” said Haber campaign manager Justin Myers. “Catering work is hard and employees deserve to be paid for their work.”

Last Wednesday Haber sent a letter to Suozzi asking him to take simple actions in light of the revelations that Suozzi is defending catering employers in a lawsuit brought by workers over nonpayment of their wages.

Suozzi stated in a May 10 Newsday article, “If I felt that these employers were taking advantage of their employees, I’d be the first to criticize them.”

As of counsel at Harris Beach, Suozzi chose to defend catering companies who admitted in court that they willfully “failed to pay minimum wages and overtime compensation." Moreover his clients even admitted in court to “employing minors in oppressive child labor.”

A week later Newsday wrote about the letter from Haber noting that, per his own statement, Suozzi should admonish the troubling actions of the catering organizations that he is defending.

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Suozzi has been joined in this effort against catering hall workers by Albany lobbying firms that are actively pushing legislation which would permanently deny these workers the wages that the courts have ruled they are owed, plus grant retroactive immunity for past wage violations.