Spin Cycle

News, views and commentary on Long Island, state and national politics.

If former County Executive Tom Suozzi jumps into the race against incumbent Ed Mangano, will North Hempstead Supervisor Jon Kaiman stand down or keep "exploring"?

If Suozzi runs and loses -- again -- will he be out of politics forever?

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If Suozzi runs and wins -- again -- will he promptly explore higher office?

If Mangano runs and wins -- again -- will his headline proposals for stadiums, water systems, budgeting start bearing fruit?

Will GOP/Democratic turnout be higher than, lower than, or the same as it was in 2009?

Will Mangano maintain his fundraising advantage?

Can Democrats put a dent in Mangano's "didn't raise taxes" theme?

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How will the fight over legislative district lines figure into all this?

Will the comptroller race follow the same party dynamic as the executive race?

Will Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, titular head of the state Democratic Party, stay out of the county elections as he  pledges with regard to the NYC mayoral?

Could newcomer Adam Haber win a primary, making all the  "rematch" speculation moot?

Replies, of course -- as well as questions of your own -- welcome.