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Rep. Tim Bishop (D-Southampton) has launched his first TV ad for his re-election bid, but Republicans immediately attacked him for putting out a summer rerun.

The 30-second spot, which began appearing Tuesday on cable television channels, uses workers from Brookhaven National Laboratory. One says the research center was “in serious trouble;” another says “1,000 jobs were at stake,” while a third says, “Tim Bishop jumped in and saved our jobs.”

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Bishop’s ad, according to a spokesman, refers to $1.1 billion in proposed House cuts to the Office of Science budget in 2011, which Bishop actively opposed. The cut later was reduced to $35 million.

Ian Prior, spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, called the ad part of Bishop’s “playbook of deception.” Prior sent out an email that showed a 2012 Bishop ad using the same comments, from the same workers.

“Is Tim Bishop just mailing it in?” Prior asked. “Has Bishop done so little in the last two years that he has to re-use 2012 testimonials.

What is new in the ad is the ending in which Bishop, standing in what appears to be a research lab, says, “We need to do more to attract high tech jobs to Long Island and that’s why I’m working to invest in high tech research, job training and more math and science in the schools. That’s how you create jobs, not by giving more tax cuts to the wealthy.”

Prior noted it looked like Bishop was wearing the same shirt as 2012. “Bishop really likes this blue shirt,” he said.

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Bishop spokesman Evan Lukaske discounted GOP attacks: “Rep. Bishop is proud to have helped save 1,000 jobs at Brookhaven National Lab. These jobs may not matter to the National Republican Party, but it is very important here on Long Island.”

Bishop’s opponent in the general election, State Sen. Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley), said Bishop “has been in Congress 12 years and become part of the problem no matter how much he tries to spin reality with expensive TV ads.”

Zeldin accused Bishop of supporting “job killing taxes” that have driven business and jobs from ... Suffolk County,” adding “Tim wants us to believe that those of us left here owe our jobs to him.”

Zeldin advertised heavily on TV during the June GOP primary against challenger George Demos, but he has not started a new round of ads since then.

Jennifer DiSiena, a Zeldin spokeswoman, said they plan new ads, but could not say when. “Right now we're focusing on meeting voters door-to-door and over the phone,” she said.