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Update post-mortem: In Nassau, Jay replies

Jay Jacobs is still the Nassau Democratic chairman, but you'd never know it from election night.

Jacobs, who is also the state Democratic chairman, spent the evening in the city with state party candidates  while Nassau Democrats were steamrolled by the county Republican organization that Jacobs once mocked.

Nassau  Republican Fran Becker, without  money or much of a campaign, nearly beat U.S. Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, a nationally known icon.  State Sen. Craig Johnson, Nassau's only Democratic state senator, appears to have lost to Republican challenger Jack Martins. Democrats even lost control of the county's surrogate court..

 Jacobs didn't provide a hall or restaurant in Nassau for candidates and their  supporters to gather and celebrate or commiserate. He couldn't muster enough Democratic volunteers to close every polling place in Nassau, not even in the highly contested Johnson race.

"That tells me of a fall-off in grass-roots organization," said a Republican committeeman who did close the polls in his election district.

UPDATE (added by Janison):

Jacobs condemns this report as false. Here's his response:

"The allegation that because i was in the city last night it had any impact on the outcomes of the races is ridiculous. By the time I went to the city, voting was almost all over. What I would have done to impact the races took place over the last eight weeks. It's nonsensical.

"Number two, we sent multiple invitations to every volunteer to join us in the city -- since it's a gubernatorial year, moved it there for the celebratory event. Everyone in Nassau who wanted to come was invited and many were there."

"As for closing polling places, across Nassau county, we haven't seen Republicans always closing polling places. Every one of our inspector posts was filled. Republicans had major numbers of inspectors missing. Democrats did not."

He also said he had full participation in contested races. "The fact that Carolyn McCarthy pushed back a significant challenge is very important. Yes, we did lose Craig Johnson, it looks like, though for that race we supplied volunteers and did everything requested. The organization worked well. It was a tough Democratic year, and if you look around the state I don't think Democrats in the county did any worse."

"Johnson wasn't unique -- Suffolk had (the loss of Brian Foley) too. The MTA tax was a tough hit on us. Rich (Schaffer, Democratic Suffok chair) worked there and kept (Rep Tim) Bishop, and I kept McCarthy.

"This is spin from some Republican," he said.

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