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The Watertown Daily Times questioned Suffolk Executive Steve Levy about the $85,000 title contract for his ex-pal Ethan Ellner, who was convicted before and after. Here's the paper's treatment of the story. It comes replete with Q and A transcript,  for context.

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In part, Levy says: “We have to use about five to 10 groups - law firms, title companies. Did I say from time to time, ‘Hey, I know these guys do good work. Put them on the list. See if they’re worthy’? I’ve done that... So have every county executive in the state of New York and so has every town supervisor in the state of New York. It’s totally acceptable. It’s totally legal. It’s totally ethical.”

He also promised to spend the taxpayer money necessary to keep all state prisons open and if elected he'd move to relieve local new-jail mandates.