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Just today, we noted in describing the possible Congressional effects of President Barack Obama’s shrunken political status that in Staten Island, the sole New York City Republican in the House delegation faces potential political troubles all his own. Most recently, the FBI arrested a friend and fundraiser for Rep. Michael Grimm this month on charges that she illegally funneled $10,000 to his 2010 campaign using straw donors. The case has yet to be resolved in court.

Faced with questions about this and other Justice Department problems, Grimm (seen in video posted below) ran away from so-called "off-topic" questions from NY1 reporter Michael Scotto and then returned to threaten him physically -- while the camera was rolling. An apology was demanded and later supplied -- but not before the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which is supporting Democrat Dominic Recchia’s effort to unseat Grimm, put out this statement via spokesman Marc Brumer:

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What exactly was Congressman Michael Grimm so afraid of discussing that he threatened to throw a reporter off a balcony? There’s an abundance of corruption, ethics and fundraising controversies to choose from that Congressman Grimm was avoiding.

Just this month, the FBI arrested Congressman Grimm’s former girlfriend for evading federal laws to illegally funnel money into his campaign. In August Congressman Grimm’s former campaign fundraiser Ofer Biton plead guilty to visa fraud. These are just the latest developments in a nearly 2-year long saga of a federal investigation into Congressman Grimm and his illicit campaign activity.

Someone in D.C. may wish to start giving out a Tony Weiner Recorded Tantrum Award, for the category 'Roid Rage in a Congressional Setting. In effect, through his lack of self-control, Grimm managed to film a commercial for his opponent.