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On the first day of the new Congress, Long Island’s Rep. Carolyn McCarthy once again introduced a bill to ban high-capacity ammunition clips in the hope it succeeds after the horror of the Newtown school massacre.

McCarthy, a Mineola Democrat, has sought to reinstate the ban on those ammunition magazines in each Congress since it expired in 2004, 10 years after it first passed in 1994 partly in reaction to the Stockton, Calif., school shooting in 1989.

“These assault magazines help put the ‘mass’ in ‘mass shooting’ and anything we can do to stop their proliferation will save lives in America,” McCarthy said in a statement.

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The measure is the first in a series of gun-control bills that McCarthy intends to introduce this month that will include a reinstatement of an assault weapon ban and tightened background checks on people buying guns, said her spokesman Shams Tarek.

The National Rifle Association has opposed any new gun laws in the wake of the killing of 20 students at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, calling instead for posting armed guards in all schools.

President Barack Obama has appointed Vice President Joe Biden to convene a working group to consider how to respond to gun violence.

Tarek said McCarthy’s legislation, filed with co-sponsor Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.), fit into that process because Obama called for a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity clips after Newtown.

According to Tarek, in the last Congress McCarthy’s bill had 138 House co-sponsors: 111 members signed on after the shooting that wounded then Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.) in Tucson, Arizona; two more signed on after the shooting in Aurora, Colorado; and 25 more signed on after the shooting in Newtown.