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Six years after New York City residents heard Mayor Michael Bloomberg issue a jolting Manhattan-centric defense of Con Edison despite a week-plus-long Queens outage, first-term Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo took a decidedly different approach.

He relayed and reflected the frustration of National Grid and Con Edison customers over the utilities’ levels of preparedness and willingness to respond and communicate with the battered public.

Cuomo heads a state that regulates its utilities through the Public Service Commission. He cited that role in saying that if after review New York officials do not find utility service up to snuff when the going gets tough, the PSC can penalize or even pull the plug on their franchises. At a briefing in Manhattan Monday, he kept his statements to this effect broad and did not speculate on what action might follow.

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He did say  these utilities “were not established” in either the Old or New Testament.

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