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Dan Cantor, executive director of the state Working Families Party, makes no secret of his opposition to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's proposal to repeal the Wilson-Pakula law that would eliminate the ability of party officials to screen cross-endorsements and prevent what critics of the legislation call a "hijacking" of the line. Now Cantor has put out a tart fundraising letter appealing for help in the fight to defeat the legislation, which is an early longshot to succed. It says:

Have you ever thought that third parties have too much power in American politics?

It's not only a stretch to think so—it's downright nutty.

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But that's the logic behind Gov. Andrew Cuomo's attempt to weaken and even destroy political parties like Working Families. He's saying that we—and the janitors, teachers, and other working people we fight for every day—have "too much" influence.

The governor is trying to repeal the law that allows third parties to choose which candidates we endorse. If he succeeds, it would be a disaster: any candidate could run on the Working Families ticket, regardless of whether they stand with us in fighting for the 99%.

Gov. Cuomo isn't joking around in his attacks, and that's why we need your help today. Can you donate $5 dollars to show you've got the Working Families Party's back?

In an article about the governor's efforts, The Nation asked whether this could be the Working Families Party's "eve of destruction." With your help, we're sure as hell it won't be.

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*Clarified 4:04 p.m. on the aim of the bill.