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June 2018 Long Island village election results

Officials in Georgia, Kentucky and Louisiana have postponed

Officials in Georgia, Kentucky and Louisiana have postponed their presidential primaries, and there is some chatter in New York about potentially doing the same for the April 28 date. Credit: Ed Betz

Fourteen villages from Bayville to Quogue have contested races with candidates focusing on issues including fiscal responsibility, government transparency and quality of life.

Atlantic Beach 

In Atlantic Beach incumbent trustees Edward A. Sullivan and Linda L. Baessler beat challenger Kevin Kelly for two open seats. Baessler received 231 votes and Sullivan received 210 votes while Kelly received 80 votes, according to results provided by the village clerk. Mayor George Pappas who ran unopposed received 247 votes.

Three candidates for 2 trustee seats

Edward A. Sullivan -- 210

Linda L. Baessler -- 231

Kevin Kelley -- 80



The Taxpayers Party swept the Bayville election, ousting the Bayville Revitalization party which had swept in four years ago. Village trustees certified the vote late Wednesday afternoon. Trustee Robert De Natale defeated Deputy Mayor Joe Russo III in the mayor’s race  1,063 to 1,014.

In the race for three trustee seats David Wright received 1,082 votes, Patricia Farnell received 1,022 votes, Valerie Belcher received 1,016 votes to defeat Jen Jones who received 1,005 votes, Al Avazis who received 1,000 votes and Christopher Pflaumer who received 962 votes. In the race for the remaining two years of a seat vacant due to a death, Peter Valsecchi received 1,080 votes to defeat Erika Bruno who received 913 votes.


Joe Russo III -- 1,014

Robert De Natale -- 1,063


Trustee - Eight candidates for four open seats

David Wright -- 1,082

Valerie Belcher -- 1,016

Patricia Farnell -- 1.022

Jen Jones -- 1,005

Al Avazis -- 1,000

Christopher Pflaumer -- 962

Peter Valsecchi - 1,080

Erika Bruno -- 913



Incumbents Steven Mackin (324) and Joseph Gagliano (306)  won re-election against challenger Dan Polner (139).

Three candidates for two village board seats

Steven Mackin -- 324

Dan Polner -- 139

Joseph Gagliano -- 306


Trustee John Valdini (336) won a two-year mayoral term against incumbent Mayor Joseph McDermott (315).


Joseph McDermott -- 315

John Valdini -- 336


East Hampton

Challenger Rosemary Brown defeated incumbent Trustee Bruce Siska. Incumbent Trustee Arthur Graham was re-elected.

Three candidates for two trustee seats

Rosemary Brown -- 277

Bruce Siska -- 83

Arthur Graham -- 225


Great Neck

Incumbent and deputy mayor Bart Sobel (339) and incumbent trustee Khoshrow Namdar (262) defeated challenger Perry Spector (116).

Three candidates for two trustee seats

Khoshrow Namdar -- 262

Bart Sobel -- 339

Perry Spector -- 116


Hewlett Harbor 

Incumbents swept the Hewlett Harbor election where three candidates ran for two trustee seats. Trustee Thomas Cohen received 250 votes and trustee Kenneth Kornblau receved 244 votes while challenger John Novello received 210. Mayor Mark Weiss who ran unopposed received 283 votes.

Three candidates for two trustee seats

Kenneth Kornblau -- 244

Thomas Cohen -- 250

John Novello -- 210


Huntington Bay 

Incumbents Donald T. Rave Jr. (132), and Jay Meyer (112) won against challenger John Cannon (42).

Three candidates for 2 trustee seats

Donald T. Rave, Jr. -- 132

Jay Meyer -- 112

John Cannon -- 42



Alex H. Edelman (818) won the mayor’s race, defeating Michael Fragin (660).

Alex H. Edelman -- 818

Michael Fragin -- 660


Three candidates for 2 trustee seats

Uri Kaufman -- 883

Syma F. Diamond -- 1,121

Stanley R. Kopilow -- 409



Without sharing vote totals, the village’s clerk and attorney said Wednesday that these were the winners:


James Liguori


Trustee - Seven candidates for three seats

Sudha Prasad

Chris Economou

Brian Fagen


Oyster Bay Cove

Incumbents Elizabeth Brown (198) and Adam Kimmick (196) won re-election against challenger Gina Weinberg (108) and write-in candidate Elizabeth DeAngelis (70) for two trustee seats.

Elizabeth Brown -- 198

Adam Kimmick -- 196

Gina Weinberg -- 108

Elizabeth DeAngelis -- 70


Port Jefferson 

Incumbents Bruce D'Abramo (345) and Bruce Miller (382) won re-election against challenger Kathianne Snaden for two trustee seats.

Three candidates for two trustee seats

Bruce D’Abramo -- 345

Bruce Miller -- 382

Kathianne Snaden -- 341



Poquott Mayor Dolores “Dee” Parrish was re-elected to a new two-year term, defeating her challenger, Trustee John Richardson, 240-204. In the trustees race, incumbents Christopher Schleider (241 votes) and William Poupis (235 votes) defeated challengers Dianna Padilla (204 votes) and Felicia Chillak (199 votes).


Dee Parrish -- 240

John Richardson -- 204


William Poupis -- 235

Christopher Schleider -- 241

Felicia Chillak -- 199

Dianna Padilla -- 204



Incumbents Jeanette Obser (184) and Kimberley Payne (196) won against challenger Eileen Duffy (138).

Three candidates for two open seats

Jeanette Obser -- 184

Kimberley Payne -- 196

Eileen Duffy -- 138



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