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How to sign up for push notifications from Newsday

Sign up for Newsday's push notifications to receive up-to-the-minute alerts about what matters to you, including breaking news, weather, your community and more. Here's how:


When visiting on a computer, you should receive a prompt asking you to allow us to send you notifications, like this:

Click "Allow" and you should start receiving notifications. If you don't receive a prompt, click on the lock symbol at the top of the browser next to the URL. You may see that notifications have been turned off:

Toggle the button on and you should start receiving notifications.


When visiting the Newsday app on a phone or tablet, click the alerts button on the bottom navigation bar. You can then enter the communities you'd like to receive notifications for, and sign up for other segments such as breaking news, weather and more:

That's it! You should now be receiving notifcations.

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