When a Centereach man was arrested on charges of tampering with red-light cameras, he turned to Facebook to share his opinions sending Long Island social media users into a frenzy.

Stephen Ruth, 42, was charged with criminal tampering and obstruction of governmental administration after he posted a video of himself knocking a red-light camera out of view to his YouTube account. 

On Facebook, Ruth said he's not ashamed of his actions but is actually quite proud of himself.

"Of course I knew I would be arrested," he wrote, continuing to say that he altered the camera's view for the benefit of other Long Islanders.

But do those Long Islanders agree with Ruth's actions?

Some Newsday readers are calling him "a true American hero," while others say they have no issues with Long Island's red-light camera system.

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"I don't blame him," Dale Walden wrote on Newsday's Facebook post of the story. "It's a disgrace what the county is doing. I for one either slow down or speed up not to get a $80 ticket. They are blood suckers and they should be arrested for what they are doing to us."

"I was hoping someone would one day do that," Steve Ramirez said. "It's nothing but a generating profit scam for the counties. Thank you sir!!!"

Other commenters' opinions included that the cameras violate their rights, are not fair to the driver, and are not always reliable.

"Received one of these tickets for a car that wasn't mine," Mike True commented on the story. "It's fairly clear the plate number was off by a digit, but it's definitively clear that the make and model were a non-match. Not that it should be required, but I also have EZPass records and dozens of witnesses that can place me at an upstate wedding with my vehicle at the time of the supposed violation."

True wrote that his case has been "under reivew" for over eight weeks.

Some other locals disagreed.

"Don't speed, don't run red lights, just do what you're supposed to do and you won't be 'robbed,'" John Buzzerio wrote, mentioning that drivers should be "held responsible" for their driving actions.

Krystle Ann Delvalle agreed, adding that she has been issued a red-light camera ticket in the past but admits she "was in the wrong."

Ruth says the red-light cameras "prey" on "anyone who doesn't wait three seconds." But another reader, Anita Greifensein, thinks the camera system works great.

"I was sick of waiting for people making left turns well after the green arrow changes red preventing traffic from the other direction getting through the intersection well after their light turned green," Greifensein wrote. "THAT was cause of many major accidents. We'll never know how many lives were saved."

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Whether readers agree with Ruth or not, his actions have sparked a local debate over the red-light camera issue, with more than 200 comments on Newsday's story.

In the words of reader Bruce Markowitz, "this could be the start of something big."