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How do you remember a loved one who has died?

Leaving an extra place setting at the dinner table. Visiting a grave every day for years. Finding significance in a passing bird.

How do you remember a loved one who has died?

Is there something from your religion, ethnicity or culture that informs how you remember?

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I keep his legacy alive by trying to be the same father for my kids as he was to me.

John Blandino, West Islip

I keep him alive every day with his favorite things next to his urn on my windowsill.

Stephanie Kane, Mount Sinai

My mother-in-law, always with me... By my spirituality, she brought me to my faith.

Bruce W. Croce, Eastport

Whenever I see a butterfly, I smile and say, 'Hello, Laura.'

Carol Gallivan, Lido Beach

Beautiful red cardinals were my mother’s favorite bird.

Wilhelmina Sims , Mastic

Every year on my dad’s birthday, my siblings and I make donations to causes that were important to him.

Julie Fegan, Merrick

My staff and I developed Baxter’s Pet Pantry as a tribute to my pug who died from Cushing’s disease 10 years ago.

Paule Pachter , North Bellmore

Every time my five year old sees a feather she runs over to it, picks it up, and says, 'Look, another feather from Grandma.'

Eric Smith, Hicksville

We keep 'Pop' alive by talking about him and remembering the many great things he’s done for us.

The Petrones, Massapequa

I know she was there because when the bus pulled up to the venue, 'Sweet Child of Mine' played on the radio.

Concetta DeGiovine , Shoreham

I wanted to have something done as a reminder that I can see every day, so I got a tattoo in her memory.

Craig Sobolow, Levittown

Every year on the anniversary of my mother's death, I visit her grave and lay down flowers.

Danielle Fanduiz , Bay Shore

Each day when I see a beautiful blue jay or cardinal, I think of Joe.

Jackie Ferraro, Wading River

So every time I go to work, my mom comes with me and we continue our relationship where it left off.

Don Roberts, Roosevelt

I have ice cream on the 25th of every month, which is the anniversary of my father's death.

Carol Whitman, Huntington

Anytime I find myself in a casino, I bring him casino chips to place on his grave.

Donna Fordin, Long Beach

As a yearly tribute, we get together and eat jelly doughnuts, his favorite bakery treat, on his birthday.

Patricia Clark, St. James

August 30 would have been my daughter's 30th birthday.

Bob Policastro , Hauppauge

I remember my father with my email address handle, which is firstngoalgrandpa.

Kenneth Budd, Riverhead

If I do a bit of good in this world, I feel my mom's presence.

Steven Taub, Melville

I keep my granddaughter Hallie Rae Ulrich’s memory alive.

Drew Scott, Westhampton

To this day when I see a butterfly, I know it's my uncle visiting me.

Susan Ciuffo, Centereach

I remember my mother by planting impatiens outside like she used to plant for me.

Glenda Gray, Ridge

All of the times where we could miss my mom the most are cheered up in the ways we honor her.

Cheryl Depierro, Sound Beach

I used to play a CD of one of his last times on the air, just to hear his voice.

Josh Shnayer, Island Park

After Jacob passed away, every time it rained we would see a rainbow.

Lea Delaney, East Islip

Our family and friends will send us pictures of rainbows when they see them for us to remember Jacob.

Lea Delaney , East Islip

They built in their yard a beautiful memorial for there son.

Paula Stoddard, Medford