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Rising Gambino captain gets prison

A file photo of Alphonse Trucchio. (Dec. 9,

A file photo of Alphonse Trucchio. (Dec. 9, 2002) Credit: Newsday/Alan Raia

An up-and-coming Gambino family captain was sentenced to more than 10 years in prison yesterday on multiple charges that included drug trafficking and a scheme to shake down local strip clubs for extortion money from illegal immigrants smuggled in as exotic dancers.

Alphonse Trucchio, 35, of Howard Beach, was described as one of the youngest men ever to make captain in the Mafia, the son of a mobster and the leader of a large, powerful and violent crew.

"He is crucial to the Gambino family's future," prosecutor Elie Honig told U.S. District Judge Richard Berman in federal court in Manhattan. "There's a lot of eyes on this case, not only here, but beyond."

Trucchio was originally charged with leading a scheme that included strip clubs on Long Island and in Queens, but his guilty plea referenced only Queens clubs. On a separate indictment, he also pleaded guilty to trafficking in marijuana and cocaine, assaults, loan-sharking and gambling, authorities said.

After Berman sentenced him to 121 months, Trucchio turned to supporters in the packed courtroom. "They can't take my honor," he said as he was led away by marshals.

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