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Status of state parks on Long Island

Umbrellas line the beach at Jones Beach. Check

Umbrellas line the beach at Jones Beach. Check the current status of state parks on the Island as they recover from Sandy damage. Photo Credit: John Dunn, 2010

Check the current status of state parks on the Island as they recover from Sandy damage, along with what can be expected for Memorial Day weekend. To find your park's status, either click once on the map points or read the table below. Data from the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.

Bayard Cutting Arboretum Roof damage to the Annex has been repaired. With significant damage to trees, a contractor will be removing stumps and debris during the summer.
Belmont Lake Repair of the roof of the main comfort station has not been completed. Removal of downed trees and repair of fences will continue past Memorial Day Weekend.
Bethpage State ParkPark will be fully open by Memorial Day Weekend with all tree work completed.
Brentwood State ParkFence repair work will be ongoing beyond Memorial Day Weekend.
Caleb Smith State Park PreserveReplacement of four damaged wooden trail bridges and tree removal will continue past Memorial Day Weekend.
Captree State ParkSandy collapsed a small section of asphalt and damaged the Overlook Pier, l which will be repaired by Memorial Day. Roofing repairs are under way. Launch ramp floating docks are being restored and one lost float still need to be completed. Repairs will be ongoing past the Memorial Day Weekend.
Camp HeroThere was heavy erosion to the bluff area. Cleanup of damaged trees will continue past Memorial Day.
Caumsett State Historic Park PreserveThere was extensive erosion along the 2.5 miles of Long Island Sound beachfront, .2 miles of the Plank Road from the fishermen’s parking lot to Lloyd Point was damaged and hundreds of cubic yards of debris washed up on the shore and into the salt marsh. Contractors have been cleaning debris off the beach prior to Piping Plover nesting season. More than 285 trees were damaged or destroyed and more than 60 remain hung up in the forest canopy and must be removed before the trails can be reopened. Two skylights blown off of the historic Bottling Building at the Dairy Complex have been replaced by contractors. The facade of the Polo Pony Barn damaged by a tree has been repaired. Repairs to Plank Road will be not be completed by Memorial Day.
Connetquot River State Park PreserveAt the Main House, a chimney crumbled and has yet to be repaired. Falling bricks broke a skylight, which has been repaired, and other roof damage still needs to be repaired. Tree cleanup will be ongoing after Memorial Day Weekend.
Gilgo BeachBeach suffered severe dune erosion and loss of vegetation. Workers are rebuilding the dunes and replanting more than one million American Beach Grass plants. Beach will be fully open by Memorial Day.
Heckscher State ParkSignificant erosion at West Beach. A contract has been awarded to replenish the beach with 3,000 cubic yards of sand. Lifeguard shack was damaged and will have to be replaced. Significant erosion at Field 7 with substantial damage to bike path and parking lot, which is closed to the public. A consultant is redesigning the lot to move it farther from shore. Storm surge damaged electrical system at Overlook Beach and a contractor has been hired to do repairs. By Memorial Day Weekend West Beach will be fully open and Field 7 bike path will be temporarily relocated.
Hempstead Lake State ParkPark lost 400 trees but they will be removed and building damage repaired by Memorial Day Weekend.
Hither HillsThere was heavy erosion to the dune line. Five skylights damaged in the three bathroom buildings have been repaired. Repair of roof damage on many buildings will continue past Memorial Day.
Jones Beach State ParkStorm surge shifted the boardwalk at the Central Mall. The piles have been reset with additional piles installed and the decking is being repaired. Many of the staves that protect the boardwalk need to be replaced and sections of the aluminum railing and support posts need to be replaced. Central Mall remains closed. Some electrical system components were submerged and work is ongoing to replace and raise them to prevent damage from future storms. Parts of the park are still running on generator power. The Field 10 fishing piers, boat basin dock and bait station concession were damaged. Lifeguard buildings and umbrella stands were destroyed. Contractor has started work on lifeguard stands at Central Mall and Field 2. Repair work has started on damaged brick and concrete walkways and east side of the Field 6 parking lot. The Jones Beach Theater was submerged in at least four feet of water, damaging the VIP boardwalk and tented areas, orchestra seating, entire electrical system, all concession equipment, offices and the box office. The licensee is repairing the facility to ensure the venue is ready for the 2013 concert season. By Memorial Day Weekend, the boardwalk will be repaired but there will be areas with temporary railings in place. Damaged electrical equipment may be replaced but some areas could still be under generator power. Repairs to Field 10 fishing piers and Boat Basin will be ongoing. Lifeguard buildings and umbrella stands will be under construction with some complete. Temporary trailers will be set up where new buildings are not complete.
Montauk Downs State ParkRepair of roof damage on many buildings and cleanup of downed trees will continue past Memorial Day.
Montauk PointHeavy erosion to beachfront. Tree damage has been cleaned up.
Orient BeachThe park remains closed after 2-mile entrance road was damaged and Gardiners Bay shoreline was seriously eroded, exposing buried utility lines. All buildings were flooded. Lifeguard shack and picnic tables were swept off the beachfront. About 31 trees damaged or destroyed. The state transportation department is repairing 2,120 feet of roadway and has reinforced some of the shoulder area with boulders. The Maintenance Barn walls have been replaced, water treatment facility and utilities repaired and approximately 4,500 cubic yards of sand and gravel placed to restore an 880-foot berm around the building complex. By Memorial Day Weekend, the park will be fully open with repairs ongoing.
Nissequogue River State ParkSandy broke 30 panes of glass on the Greenhouse and destroyed more than 100 trees. Marina buildings were flooded while fencing and signs throughout the park were destroyed. Repairs will continue beyond Memorial Day.
Planting Fields State Historic ParkSome hiking trails may remain closed past Memorial Day because of cleanup of more than 100 downed trees. Repair of Camellia Greenhouse roof will continue beyond Memorial Day.
Robert Moses State Park The park remains closed during repairs of the collapsed south side of the traffic circle but will reopen by Memorial Day weekend. Two thirds of the boardwalk at Field 5 is being repaired; the remaining third that was more heavily damaged is being removed because it is too close to the beach. Damage to the water system has been repaired and stone is being placed to protect this and other infrastructure on the bay side. Final repairs to the flooded golf course will begin when the growing season begins and should be completed before the park reopens in late May. With severe beach erosion on the east end of the park, more than 500,000 cubic yards of sand is being placed on those beaches — more than 300,000 cubic yards dredged from the State Boat Channel and 200,000 from a stockpile of sand on the western end of the park. Three lifeguard shacks will be replaced before Memorial Day. Parking and beach access will be determined after beach replenishment, which will continue until the end of June.
Sag HarborCleanup of downed trees will continue past Memorial Day.
Shadmoor State ParkHeavy erosion to bluffs. Cleanup of downed trees will continue past Memorial Day.
Governor Alfred E.Smith/Sunken Meadow State ParkA dike that provided access to eastern end of the park was breached; design of a bridge and shoreline stabilization has been completed. Cleanup of between 400 and 500 trees uprooted or damaged is ongoing. By Memorial Day Weekend, park will be fully open except for access to eastern part of the park where dike was breached.
Valley Stream State ParkTree cleanup will continue beyond Memorial Day.
Wildwood State Park Because of significant erosion, the beach is still closed. The beach access road was washed out and damage to the bathhouse has not been repaired but a contract has been awarded the work. Damaged trees are still being cleared. The campground opened this weekend, but a trail near the campground is still closed due to branches on utility lines. Repair work will continue past Memorial Day Weekend.

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