Air traffic controllers and others voiced support Saturday for a Stony Brook man being investigated for allowing his children to speak to planes from a control tower.

"I think there are a lot of people, both inside and out, that know this was blown out of proportion," said an air traffic controller who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of an ongoing FAA investigation.

"We have received phone calls from pilots who support him and support us," a member of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association said Saturday.

Supporters of Glenn Duffy, 48, have created a Facebook page, and one pilot announced his support for Duffy from the cockpit Thursday.

"Good night, sir . . . Thoughts going out to your co-worker there," the pilot says as he signs off with a Kennedy control tower. The transmission was posted at "I think it's - what he's going through."

On Feb. 16 and 17, Duffy allowed his children to talk with pilots over air traffic control radio in what FAA officials said was a violation of policy and a "lapse in judgment." The FAA placed Duffy and a supervisor on administrative leave Wednesday.

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FAA officials declined to comment on the investigation.

"I find it to be amazing the amount of human interest that it gets," Duffy's sister, Kathleen Schueler, 45, of Lynbrook, said Friday. "Everybody has an opinion Some people think it's out of proportion. Some think it was appropriate."

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