An audit of the Commack School district found that officials failed to maintain complete and adequate fuel inventory records.

The district was unable to account for 1,876 gallons of gasoline -- more than 5 percent of the district's fuel purchases, according to an audit the state comptroller released July 31. It amounted to $5,628 worth of gasoline.

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The head groundskeeper for Commack had performed monthly reconciliations of district fuel purchases with records of actual fuel on hand. But discrepancies were never resolved, according to the audit, even though the state Department of Environmental Conservation requires a report when issues can't be solved within 48 hours.

District officials said in their response to the audit that they would implement a number of changes, including assigning the duties of recording, monitoring and reconciling fuel inventory to a senior account clerk. District officials also installed a video surveillance system to monitor the fuel tank and pump.

"The audit revealed a weakness in our fuel inventory tracking processes that was disappointing to the district officials," Commack leaders said in the response. "While there was no evidence of theft or fraud, the district acknowledges the procedures established many years ago were not carried out properly."