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Sayville artist creates 'Baby Yoda' tattoo for longtime friend

Tattoo artist John Doughty of Lotus Tattoo in

Tattoo artist John Doughty of Lotus Tattoo in Sayville, turned a popular meme of Baby Yoda by @newyorknico into a tattoo for a longtime friend. Credit: John Doughty

Two Long Island buddies who share a love of Star Wars and tattoos have found a way to put their passion into ink.

John Doughty, an artist at Lotus Tattoo in Sayville, turned a popular meme of “Baby Yoda” into a tattoo for longtime friend Anthony Marchese.

Doughty said he was inspired by the meme of the diminutive green character from the Disney streaming show “The Mandalorian” decked out in New York Yankees cap, Timberland boots and a North Face jacket.

The meme was created by Nicholas Heller, who goes by @newyorknico on Instagram and graphic designer Naomi Otsu.

Known only as “The Child,” on the show, the tiny creature appears to be of the same species as Yoda, the wise Jedi Master from the Star Wars films. With its soulful dark eyes and large ears, the character has become a cultural phenomenon since the series launched last month. Social media is flooded with images of the mysterious tyke, who is said to be 50 years old.

“I watched every week those memes popping up and then I saw the one from @newyorknico,” said Doughty, 31, who lives in Selden. “I thought ‘Oh man, this would be a great tattoo!.’ “

He reached out to Heller and then sketched out a drawing of the meme and posted it on his Instagram page @jodimayhem, catching the eye of his good friend Anthony Marchese.

“I think I saw it and then a minute or two later I told him “I want that!,’” said Marchese, 31 of Medford. “I love Star Wars and I always wanted to get a New York tattoo. It ended up being the best of both worlds.”

Marchese, a maintenance mechanic with the Town of Brookhaven Highway Department, went to Doughty on Dec. 5 and had the image inked onto the back of his right forearm.

Since then it has been shared by Heller and others on Instagram and Doughty is fielding requests from other people who want a tattoo of the beloved character.

“I like doing stuff that is classic with modern day twists,” Doughty said.

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