Babylon Village trustees have approved a $10.3 million budget for 2016-17. The budget freezes the property tax levy at $14.93 per $100 of assessed value and keeps the village under the state-imposed levy cap for the second straight year.

Mayor Ralph Scordino and treasurer Valerie Fronzo say the village will likely enter the fiscal year starting June 1 with a $2 million surplus accumulated after a 9.71 percent tax hike in 2013 and after federal cleanup and repair reimbursements this year.

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The village board also approved fee increases for solar arrays, occupant load permits, and for professional photographs at Argyle Lake Park, part of what officials say is a broad effort to generate non-tax revenue and bring the village’s fees in line with those of neighboring municipalities.

Solar permits are $300. Fees for occupant load permits, related to the number of people permitted in a public building, are $100.

The permit fee for non-resident professional photographers taking pictures in the park is $100. There is no fee for residents.