Two of the Four Corners in Brightwaters are getting a makeover.

Brightwaters village officials are using Suffolk County funding to redo infrastructure in the small commercial district at the intersection of North Windsor Avenue and Orinoco Drive, known as the Four Corners.

“It needed some tender loving care over the years,” said Mayor Joseph McDermott. In particular, village officials wanted to improve pedestrian safety and lighting in the Four Corners.

Last year, the village successfully applied for $59,514 in funding from the Suffolk County Department of Economic Development and Planning to begin to spruce up the area with new sidewalks, plantings, lamps, and curbs.

The first rounds of funding went to repair the southwest corner, with work on the southeast corner slated to begin after Thanksgiving. The village is now awaiting the results of its latest application for $33,980 in county funding to start work on the other two corners.

Maintaining the aesthetics of the historic village was also important in the revitalization. “We didn’t go and make it too modern. It’s got that charm to it,” McDermott said.

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“The goal was just to make sure we were keeping the historic integrity of the village, but modernizing the Four Corners,” said Patrick Fawcett, a member of the village planning board and chairman of the Brightwaters Downtown Revitalization Committee.

The committee requested that the new lamps matched the style of the village’s existing lamps, and sought designs for curbs that would work with historic styles.

In the mostly residential community, the Four Corners eateries and shops provide social space.

“The retail establishments in this downtown area are vital in making the Village attractive for future home buyers and current residents. By providing services that are easily accessible, the shops, salons, restaurants, etc. will thrive and continue to operate. There is truly a ‘village’ feel with the variety of offerings in the area,” according to the village’s application for funding submitted in May.

“So far we think the project’s great. It’s really making the community look nice,” said Raymond Mazza, one of the owners of jewelry store Gemaginations, located on the southwestern part of the Four Corners. “It’s going to bring some business in.”