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Car fatally hits cow, companion bull chases onlookers in Yaphank

A damaged SUV at the scene of a

A damaged SUV at the scene of a collision on Yaphank Middle Island Road. The SUV struck a cow that had escaped from a nearby corral and wandered onto the roadway on Friday, Jan. 12, 2018 Credit: Stringer News Service

A cow that escaped a farm was fatally hit by a vehicle Friday night in Yaphank, where its companion bull chased away several people before it was corralled in the woods.

“I see people running and screaming, then I realized there is a bull chasing them,” said Leslie Clay, 40, who lives nearby and ran out with her phone after hearing the impact of the crash on Yaphank-Middle Island Road.

Clay said she saw the vehicle’s occupants, a man and his teenage daughter, running for their lives and she let them into her home to call 911: “It looked like something out of a cartoon because you don’t expect to see that. You could see him dragging the daughter.”

A Suffolk police spokeswoman said the animal was struck about 8 p.m., near Rustic Road, but did not immediately have other details.

As the cow lay dead by a mailbox, the bull charged the responding officer, too, before running off, Clay said.

Another neighbor said an officer came by looking for a bull.

“They were trying to get it back into the pen without having to tranquilize it, but they weren’t sure if they’d be able to do it or not,” said Caleb Ouellette, 28.

People at the scene later said the bull was corralled by authorities.

Photos from the scene showed a BMW sport utility vehicle with significant front end damage being towed away.

Clay said the cow, named Cindy, and the bull, named Charlie, live across the street on a property where two bovines escaped in September. Police at the time said two officers and another man “guided” the bovines to the rear of a nearby property, where they waited for their owner to retrieve them.

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