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Divers to collect debris in Sunken Meadow Creek

A Maine-based ocean research and education group will send SCUBA divers into Sunken Meadow Creek to collect debris. 

OceansWide president Campbell Scott, a professional pilot of unmanned submersible vehicles, said the group is in talks with Brookhaven National Labs and Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve to set up education programs for students that would focus on Long Island Sound. 

The programs would mirror those the group already runs in the Gulf of Maine, allowing students to compare marine health and water quality data. 

“The best way to find out how we can keep what we have in Maine is to find out what happened down there in Long Island, and there’s also a chance for us to contribute to restoring the Sound,” Scott said. 

He envisions a yearslong project where students participate in data gathering and analysis, culminating in scientific papers. 

Scott said the take and tonnage from his group’s periodic cleanups varies widely. In places like the creek, which lies underneath the northern terminus of the Sunken Meadow Parkway, “you’ll find all sorts of man-made objects,” he said. “Anything from shopping carts to trash bags.”

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