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Islandia mayor, at hearing, says seizing lot for public works would benefit residents

A seized property at 798 Old Nichols Rd.

A seized property at 798 Old Nichols Rd. in Islandia. Credit: Randee Daddona

Islandia Mayor Allan M. Dorman wants to seize through eminent domain almost three acres of property north of the Long Island Expressway for use as a public works lot, saying it would facilitate service to village residents who live nearby.

“It’s a matter of servicing the community,” Dorman said at Tuesday night's public hearing on the issue. “We want to be able to service the people on the north side of the expressway a little bit quicker.”

About 25 people attended the public hearing at Village Hall to gather input about Islandia's proposals to seize two properties and the abandoned homes on the lots. The first property is at 798 Old Nichols Rd., a 2.8-acre lot  that the village is eyeing for the DPW yard. The second is a dilapidated home at 42 Dean St.

Also Tuesday night, the village board took a series of unanimous 5-0 votes on the two properties, declaring the use of the seizures will benefit residents and that the environment will not be impacted negatively, said Islandia attorney Joseph W. Prokop.

Prokop said, however, the village board has not officially begun the legal process of seizing the two properties. The board is expected to hold a future vote to begin the eminent domain process, he said.

At Tuesday's hearing, Islandia resident John Agosta asked Dorman why he’s not considering expanding the DPW lot on village property by Village Hall, at 1100 Old Nichols Rd., where DPW vehicles are now kept. The village owns about 13 acres there, Dorman said.

“The village has property here. Why spend, for example, $700,000 on this particular property?” Agosta asked.

Dorman responded he hopes to build homes for military veterans near village hall. He said the DPW yard now is “busting at the seams.” He added there are no plans now to construct a DPW building on the property at 798 Old Nichols Rd. DPW vehicles will be stored there, Dorman said. That site is less than a mile north from village hall.

The home at 798 Old Nichols Rd. is in foreclosure, according to court records. Dorman declined to answer questions following the meeting.

The owner of the house at 42 Dean St. is named in a foreclosure case, court records show.

Village officials said Tuesday the home is a blight. They want to buy it, tear it down and sell the land to a developer at a discounted price with an agreement that a new home  would be built for residential use, Dorman said.

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