Number of graduates 150


Degrees 160: 4 doctorates, 10 master's, 129 bachelor's, 17 associates.


President's remarks

Susan Barr called the students "incredibly talented" and said, "My dream is perhaps some day one of them will send a limousine for me to their Emmy or Tony awards ceremony." She advised graduates "to be brave, take the risk of new beginnings and do not ever lose your integrity."

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Student speakers

Valedictorian Sonia Goldberg, 23, of South Orange, New Jersey, graduated with a bachelor's degree in professional studies/music business: "We're a collective of rebels, music nerds, theater geeks and general oddballs, and we are proud. We love what we do. . . . For the past four years, we have worked in synergy. . . . We have improved each other, both as artists and as people."

Salutatorian Crystal Janke, 23, of Lindenhurst, who earned a bachelor's in fine arts/film and video, said students learned "teamwork and networking is everything" in the arts. She paid tribute to classmate Tejan Edwards, of upstate Elmsford, who died in a January car accident. Edwards received a degree in music education posthumously.


Graduates' reactions

Desmond E. Owens , 21, music business

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"I went to college because I wanted a strong foundation in music," said Owens, a jazz vocalist from Central Islip who hopes to secure a record deal.



Mary C. Halter , 22, film/video

"I love film editing," said Halter, of Pennsville, New Jersey. "I want to help make films better."

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Eduardo M. Duran , 25, music education

"I enjoy working with kids, but I plan to sing and travel for a few years before working in a middle school," said Duran, of Sayreville, New Jersey, whose college barbershop quartet was ranked 10th in the world.



Allison Clasen , 24, film/video

"I want to create something that affects people," said Clasen, of Farmingdale. "Film is where I felt I should be."